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Interview with a God/dess #2

Welcome to the second Interview with a God/dess! This series was designed to help you become more familiar with the various gods of Palandoras and demystify the process of applying yourself to eternal servitude.

Here’s a brief primer on today’s guest, Toron, the God of Mountains.

Devotion Stone
Shrine location: Peak of Worldtop Mountain
Family: Son of Melathir, God of Living Palandoras and Nea, Goddess of Civilization. Brother to Sulfurio, God of the Molten Core.

Toron is a formidable presence. Even when scaled down to our mortal dimensions, he fills the entire office, with his rocky crown scraping the 15′ ceilings. Normally when he speaks, his voice thunders like a landslide, so for this interview he has lowered it closer to the sound of gravel crunching underfoot.

Thank you for coming in for the interview! How was traffic?



Let’s get straight into it, then. Can you start by describing just what makes your followers within the Stone Order different from others?

“One must be able to summit the Worldtop to earn my favor. Only then can one be considered a follower of Toron.”


Firsthand reports indicate that worshipers need not make it to the summit anymore, that many stop at the Sky Plateau instead. Some have even been able to reach you atop a steep hill. Care to comment on the drop in elevation requirements?

“Competition among the gods has been stiff lately. A few qualifications needed retooling.”


Hm. But your allegiance from the race of repkin is stronger than ever. Why is that?

“Repkin are descended from primal crocodile blood. Their magic is drawn from the ever-creeping ascent of mountains, as old as their ancestors. That is the Toron way: primal, ancient. Mountains.”


And the occasional hill.

“Many hills used to be mountains. I would know. I sculpted most of them.”


Let’s talk about the ancient portals scattered across the rugged landscape of Palandoras. Is it true that the repkin created these portals so that one day they could resummon the Ancient One, or is that all a myth?

“The Ancient One is no myth. It is made from Palandoras itself and will return to save the planet when it’s needed.”


Wouldn’t now be a good time while the titan Gorath has been set free?



And shouldn’t the gods be the ones to save the planet when it’s needed? It sounds like relying on this mysterious Ancient One is just a cop-out.

Toron rises from his pleather armchair. His voice shakes the entire building.



 . . .

“I will not tolerate this, this insolence! Or these gotcha questions from the media.”


To be quite honest, it sounds like you might be hiding something.

“A god is not obligated to answer to anyone. Now, unless you want to discuss something more appropriate within my realm, such as the angle at which talus slopes occur naturally, I’ll have to take my leave.”


But you did agree to an interview. No, wait. Put that desk down! Toron! No! Noooo!

Join us next time when we try to commune with another god in Palandoras’s pantheon. Until then!