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Interview with a God/dess #1

Welcome to the first Interview with a God/dess! This series was designed to help you become more familiar with the various gods of Palandoras and demystify the process of applying yourself to eternal servitude.

Now, before we dive in, here’s a brief primer on today’s guest, Delphena, the Goddess of Visions.

Devotion Hydro
Shrine location: Natural spring on the outskirts of Thermopolis
Family: Daughter of Aroae, Goddess of Time’s Passage. Half-sister to Zepholos, God of the Winds, and Oraeth, God of the Tides.

Thank you for joining us today! Were you able to find the office okay?

“Yes, I saw your directions clearly.”


Great! How about we start with an introduction to your cult within the Hydro Order. Can anyone apply? Are members expected to worship a set number of hours before applying?

“One only needs to be seeking the answer to a question one doesn’t yet know.”


Will any question do?

“The matter should be of great import. Of course, anything can matter depending on the individual, but it’s the necessity relative to the inquirer that determines how my aide will manifest itself.”


Is that why mages and scholars in the mystical arts, namely the alchemical sciences, are typically drawn to you?

“Science itself is inquisitive in its nature. But all my followers need not be illuminated by the mystical arts.”


Plus, it probably helps that the transmutation of metals requires a great deal of liquid. On that topic of liquid, would you say water is the single most important ingredient in performing a Hydro ritual?

“Water is the vessel that delivers my visions. Anyone eager to earn my favor ought to have a good quantity on hand at all times.”


Hence why many of your followers live in or around the archipelago that makes up Thermopolis, and its proximity to your shrine. But what about followers who live too far from a large body of water, or even something smaller such as a river or spring?

“I have delivered my visions in quantities as small as puddles and as murky as wash basins. But that is exactly what the requesters saw: visions small and murky.”


So the quality of the water matters, too?

“And the quality of mind.”


Mhm. Onto a more controversial topic. It was confirmed that the general Raziel was given his prophecy to free the titans by a seer of the Hydro Order from within your cult. In a cruel twist of fate, the only titan freed so far is on course to pass through Thermopolis. It’s bound to wreak untold chaos and destruction on the city. Do you care to comment on how we got here?

“I can only see the magnitude of possibilities suspended within a single person’s fate, but not their certainty. The vision I choose to show the individual is determined by his or her willingness to accept it and its causality across a spectrum of other, entwined fates.

By which I mean to say I do not believe this seer acted without ulterior motives.”


Are you also saying you withhold possible truths from a worshiper if the outcome would have adverse effects related to others he or she knows, even if it was within his or her best self-interest to know?

“I foresaw you asking that question and now I choose not to answer it.”


Well I hope your future adherents are taking notes. Is there anything else you would like to add on the current state of Palandoras?

“Since the titan’s freedom, solicitations unto my vision-making have increased tenfold. I intend to respond to your requests in time, starting with the most deserving and fervent inquirers. I thank you for your patience and cooperation.”


There you have it, folks! Delphena, thank you for spending a few moments to–. And she’s gone. The image of her face in my coffee has faded away.

Join us next time when we try to commune with another god in Palandoras’s pantheon. Until then!