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Demo @ Mox Boarding House – July 13th

Dragonwatt Games will be demoing the yet-to-be-released title Rise of the Gods at Mox Boarding House in Ballard this Saturday, July 13th, from 12 – 4 PM. The event is hosted by PlaytestNW, “a collective of game designers looking to bring tabletop games and game design to the masses.” Other designers and playtesters will be in attendance.

The products being demoed are the Two-Player Starter Box and two Theme Decks, as seen above. The Starter Box is intended to introduce new players to the game by providing two pre-constructed decks, a full two-player playmat, a rule book, and dice. Additionally, there will be a small deck of 20 – 30 cards players can use to tweak their decks to their liking (not currently in the demo). The Theme Decks each include a single pre-constructed deck and one-half of the playmat, which when combined with another will create the entire playing area. All products are part of the initial Foundation set.

This is the second time we have demoed the game with PlaytestNW since joining in late 2018, and the first time taking the game to a Mox Boarding House location. We’re eager to get feedback on the prototype packaging and rule book construction from fellow designers and playtesters.

You can read more information about Mox Boarding House and PlaytestNW by following their links. Dragonwatt Games is not endorsed or sponsored by nor does it sponsor either organization.